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About Flutterbyandbee

Founded in the midst of a pandemic, Flutterbyandbee was born from a desire to build something of my own. Living in the countryside and surrounded by our beautiful nature, I have always been environmentally conscious. So, creating a shop full of products which do not negatively impact the environment, is very important to me.

Spending my days as a Mum to my four wonderful children, has enabled me to gain first hand knowledge into the world of baby and children's products. So from this, I decided to form a collection of well made, high quality products, suitable for little ones. I have put together an inventory of day-to-day items and 'Little Extras', which I personally love and not only are they sustainable, but safe and on trend too!

Supporting other small businesses, is very important to me, in forming Flutterbyandbee. As they say:

"when you buy from a small business you are not helping a CEO to buy their third holiday home; you are helping to buy a child's dance and football lessons, helping a parent to put food on the table and pay their mortgage, or helping a student to pay for university" 

and I couldn't agree more! So along with a couple of well-known brands, I have discovered some great products from a few small businesses, which I have added to my online shop.


Our Promise

Our promise to you, is that we will be as eco friendly as we possibly can - without compromising on quality!


We stock products which are made from eco friendly materials and try to find companies who share the same values as us, in terms of caring for the planet!

We will be using eco friendly packaging.

Our durable mailer bags, are 100% compostable and are made from plant based materials. All other packaging that we use is fully recyclable.



"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

Native American 

Eco Friendly Packaging
BIBS COLOUR Vanilla dummy.jpg.jpg
BIBS Dummies
Sienna Luna dummy clip in oatmeal with s
Dummy Clips
Meyco crib blanket knots off white-.webp
Natural beech wood organic goats hair br
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